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purpose of family & community engagement

The Purpose of the Alexander City Schools Family and Community Engagement Program is to advance high-impact initiatives and practices for family, school, and community engagement to promote child development and improve student achievement.

Supporting Family and Community Engagement in Alexander City Schools


The Vision of Alexander City Schools is

to be a premier educational institution that

cultivates a pathway of success for all students to become graduates who are fully equipped to contribute as productive members of an ever-changing society.

The Mission of Alexander City Schools

is to inspire hope and create pathways

for students and community success. We will do

this by providing an educational environment that promotes high levels of rigor, innovation, collaboration, and high expectations for all 



We believe in a safe, positive, and caring school environment that celebrates character, integrity, and diversity. We believe in respect, high expectations, and equity for all. We believe in fostering hope is essential to the learning process. We believe instruction should be student-focused, relevant, and highly engaging.  We believe all students should have access to a highly qualified, professional, and caring staff. We believe each student has unique talents, interests, and gifts that contribute to their pathway to success. We believe in a collaborative approach to teaching and learning (school-home-community).

Provide a positive, enriching, and safe learning environment with pathways to foster student success.

Improve and maintain an alliance of trust by providing pathways to engage and encourage stakeholder participation in fostering student success.  Provide pathways to recruit and maintain highly qualified personnel who are dedicated to continuous improvement. Maintain pathways to financial stability that support the overall success of the school system. Develop and maintain pathways to a comprehensive support system that fosters student success.



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